A Society is more of a democratic orgnanisation with the board being the decision making body and the entire power is not with just one person.

The minimum number of members required to establish a Society is 7.

    Registration Under
    The Karnataka Societies Registration
    Act, 1960
    Time required
    20 Working Days#
    Documents Required
    1. Memorandum Of Association And
    Rules & Regulations
    2. Table containing Names, Address and
    occupation of all the Members along
    with their signatures
    3. Certified Copy of Duly Passed
    Resolution for Registration of Society
    Documents Required
    4. Declaration by the President of the
    5. Address Proof
    6. Four Photos of each member
    INR 30,000/-*


* Exclusive of taxes and incidental expenses


# Subject to Governmental timelines


@ Available only in Bangalore