12A & 80G Registration Combo

An NGO after getting registration under the Indian Trust Act or the Societies Act or under the Companies Act, has to, within one year from the date of such registration, apply for registration under section 12 A of the Income Tax Act to claim Income Tax exemption for the income of such an NGO.


The main objective of obtaining 80G registration is to encourage the donors to donate more, giving them certain income tax benefits.

The donor is eligible to donate 10% of his gross total income and claim a deduction of up to 50% of the amount donated from his/her taxable income, in an accounting year.

    Registration Under
    Income Tax Act, 1961
    Time required
    90-180 Working Days#
    Documents Required
    1. 3 self-attested Copies of Trust deed
    2. 3 self-attested Copies of PAN
    3. Application form
    4. 3 copies of PAN, ID & Address proof
    of each of the Trustee / Member /
    Director of the NGO
    Documents Required
    5. Proof of having conducted charitable
    6. Latest financial reports
    INR 40,000/-*


* Exclusive of taxes and incidental expenses


# Subject to Governmental timelines


@ Available only in the State Of Karnataka